Seasoned leadership has placed CTC at the forefront of the transition arena. We’ve taken on complex divestitures, mergers, acquisitions and other assignments, and can say confidently that many lives have been changed for the better. Over the years, many nationally recognized organizations provided the learning platform for us; and now we bring that understanding and experience to clients coast-to- coast.

Joseph Wisniewski - President/CEO

Joseph Wisniewski – President/CEO

Many people who know Joe best call him “The Wiz” because they’ve seen him in action -- executing and crafting complex deals and matching wits with the best merger and acquisition experts at large corporations. But his virtuosity is definitely not wizardry. Preparation is. His BS in mechanical engineering from Western Michigan and MBA in finance at Notre Dame began a jam-packed, award- winning career. That career began as a mechanical engineer with Steelcase and he quickly moved to a company acquisition team that assimilated companies profitably. His corporate background included executive positions with CV Industries, HON, Kimball International, Harpers, Shaw Walker and Haworth. In summary, he was chief executive for privately held and publicly owned manufacturing, marketing, distribution and retail companies ranging in annual sales from $325M to $1.8B. This experience equipped him to evaluate, negotiate, market, sell and buy companies. He executed turnarounds of eight divisions ranging in sales from $72M to $230M, and negotiated the purchase of companies ranging in annual sales from $25M to $140M. His preparation broadened as he created strategic alliances and joint ventures with Japanese, Philippine, German and French-owned firms. And along the way toward creating CTC, Joe has helped buyers and sellers work with state governments, universities and the federal government in the transition of ownership, while maintaining or improving profitably.

Jeremy Huish - Vice President

Jeremy Huish – Vice President

It's no wonder that Jeremy Huish understands how to structure deals that protect both the immediate and future interests of owners, companies and employees. In addition to 20 years of professional experience, the man has two accounting degrees and two law degrees. That education, wedded to vast experience, has positioned him to lead -- in business development, investment banking, succession planning and ESOP implementation. With his command as a certified public accountant and attorney, Jeremy specializes in succession planning, helping ownership transition to their futures -- ethically, effectively and profitably. For the last decade, Jeremy advised closely-held businesses, public companies, governments, and not-for-profits on risk management and captive insurance company issues. He was a frequent speaker at industry conferences and author of several articles published in industry journals. Earlier in his career, in Washington, D.C., he was tax attorney for a Big 4 firm and an international law firm. His degrees include: Arizona State Univ. (BS, Accounting); Brigham Young University (Masters, Accounting); Brigham Young (Juris Doctorate); and Georgetown University ( Taxation). Married, Jeremy's three sons definitely require him to exercise his leadership skills on the home front.

David Zimney - COO and Managing Director, East

David Zimney – COO and Managing Director, East

For over 30 years, Dave has worked with senior management of clients to transform existing business models into more highly effective, competitive organizations. He is the ultimate pragmatist, with the dogged determination to create comprehensive analyses of complex business issues. He then uses his executive management background to assimilate realistic solutions that can be implemented and financed. A USAF officer veteran, Dave joined IBM in sales and marketing, and was a pioneer in launching IBM consulting — a service that grew into a $40B business with nearly 140,000 consultants. As an executive, he specialized in working with senior management of small and medium businesses in nearly every market segment. As a key member of the IBM team that grew mid-market consulting services revenue from $70M to $600M, he was recognized as the “Top Mid-Market Consulting Services Executive” in 2002. Dave earned his undergraduate degree from Saint Thomas and attended CFO and CEO summer sessions at Babson College. He co-authored the White Collar Shuffle published by the American Management Association — a business book that described proven methods for ‘right sizing’ organizational structures and improving productivity.

Steven P. Deis - Managing Director, Business Development

Dan Kolosowski – Business Development Manager

When you manage over three billion of retirement plan assets, you never forget that thousands of people depend on you. That expectation has been Dan Kolosowski’s responsibility for over 10 years in the financial services industry, focusing on both profit and non-profit employee retirement plans. In his case, asset management has covered everything from plan cash flow to individual fund selection; and now over 40,000 individuals rely on him to help them retire on their own terms. Dan earned his MBA from Isenberg School of Management and serves on the Board of Arts Bus Express, a non profit that exposes kids to arts and sciences beyond the classroom.