• Welcome, company
    owners, directors and
    other leaders engaged
    in exit strategy
    Any worthwhile strategy must be
    a win-win for you and the people
    who depend on your decisions.
  • We minimize transaction
    time by pursuing end results,
    not long-term projects.
    Exit transitions demand pragmatic
    solutions that make the most of what
    you spent a lifetime building.
  • We focus exclusively on
    financial exit strategies for
    small to medium sized
    And we do it faster and more
    cost effectively than anyone.
It's Your Life. Your Legacy.

Our Process

You will want to know how we work. Certainly, we must understand your goals and objectives.

CEO Message

Our experience tells us most advisors don’t have CTC’s design knowledge of applicable exit plan and acquisition transactions.


On average, The CTC team completes 25 transactions per year. Generally, 50% of these transactions involve debt financing only.