You already asked the question:
Is now the time to sell or perpetuate my company?

We can't answer that question. But we can advise you: Do it while your business is strong. And do it on your own terms. Don't Kick the Succession Can. Kicking away your options is lose-lose. Eventually, you will face transition. Please deal from strength.
One of a kind

CTC has an uncompromising rule.

Since day one, we promised that our succession designs would never utilize off-the-shelf solutions. On that first day, we became a custom house, signifying that every engagement in our portfolio would be one-of-a-kind. Today, this pledge means every owner is one-of-a-kind, requiring a unique plan.

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The ESOP option

You may be evaluating retirement; want to liquidate; or want to design a family or management succession. In any case, CTC may advise you to consider the ESOP option. Very, very few agencies can claim a mastery of large and complex ESOP solutions. We make that claim without reserve. Although we execute a variety of plans, we boast the ESOP is our sweet spot.

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Exit Strategy

An Unrivaled Succession Tool.

Make Sense of Succession

If business transition is in your future, you most likely have consulted your trusted legal and financial advisors. They will be the first to tell you they don’t have design knowledge of hundreds of potential exit strategies; therefore, they will bring in experts to define and design the right solution for you.
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John M. Byrne