Ultimate Teamwork Gets Results.

With so much riding on the provisions of your exit or succession, you should demand a complete understanding of our approach to your expectations. First, our three-step business methodology encourages a streamlined activity that gets to the end of the process as quickly as possible. Second, you should know that standard exit planning fees and commissions average 8-15% of total transaction gross proceeds, while our methods average less than 4%. Third, we will encourage you to examine all viable exit options – including the leverage afforded by ESOP and MSOP financing. We do target this market because only a limited number of professionals know how to execute these powerful financing tools.

What We Are Not

In this exercise, you should know what we are not. We are not venture capitalists or investment bankers who require membership on your board or control in your business. We are not a replacement for your current investment advisors. We are not speculators, interested in long-term commitments, because we specialize in a specific assignment during a specific business life cycle.

What We Are

For the life of a project, Corporate Transition is your partner. We work for you in concert with your long- time advisors, estate planner, money manager, bankers and others to complete a transaction that harvests your equity and satisfies all other requirements. We arrange financing. We help educate your people in the value of their ESOP retirement benefits. We help draft transaction documents with your legal and financial team. Or, if you prefer, we can handle an entire transaction, helping you contract legal services. And as always, we perform under a policy of a “not to exceed” price, quoted up-front and approved by you before any work begins.