Create Bottom Line Success.

On average, The CTC team completes 25 transactions per year. Generally, 50% of these transactions involve debt financing only, while the remaining 50% require some sub-debt financing, including SARs and warrants that meet fairness opinion requirements from independent fiduciaries. We do specialize in creating detailed financial models for ESOP and MSOP transactions.


A thorough analysis will define your options and the following:

  • Cash flow impact
  • After tax proceeds for the selling parties
  • ESOP account projection
  • Assure that clients “opt-in” before taking each step.
  • Stock repurchase liability analysis


As your consultant, we arrange financing through several large institutions for a leveraged ESOP and/or other types of divestiture. The types of financing we organize include:

  • Conventional debt financing
  • Private placement financing
  • ESOP account projection
  • Majority share interest sales to business and institutional buyers
  • Refinancing to lower your cost of capital

Significantly, we are able to create acquisition deal structures that provide 20 – 52% more acquisition after tax cash savings required to purchase while delivering the seller with 15 – 35% higher after tax proceeds from the sale.

In summary, CTC expects to shoulder the evaluation of all conventional financing options. However, we do not exaggerate to say that this consultancy is uniquely qualified to structure IRS compliant ESOP and MSOP transactions as powerful tools for raising capital.