A Message From Joe Wisniewski

Joseph Wisniewski - President/CEO

Hello. You’re here because you possibly have reached the point of considering business perpetuation transactions; and most likely, have established relationships with legal and financial advisors whom you trust. That’s as it should be. However, our experience tells us most advisors don’t have CTC’s design knowledge of hundreds of applicable exit plan and acquisition transactions, so they generally seek expert help to craft ideal solutions for their clients.

As an example, very few of them bring experience to the design and implementation of large and complex ESOP solutions. Although Corporate Transition executes a variety of succession plans, the ESOP is our sweet spot because we’ve seen impressive benefits to owners and thousands of employees. In fact, since 2002, we’ve designed 121 transactions that have yielded average retirement accounts of $480,000 for 28,000 employees. Also, we have converted $2.7B of private equity to cash and saved our clients over $665M a year in corporate income tax.

Undeniably, exit transitions can be worrisome, often complicated by circumstances such as health, death, board dynamics, hostile takeover attempts or other unforeseen events. Like ER veterans, we pride ourselves on having cool heads in the heat of crises, and in our ability to identify pragmatic solutions in an efficient and effective manner. This performance is possible only through extensive experience. Therefore, we respectfully suggest that you choose a team of experts to make the most of what you spent a lifetime building. If you select Corporate Transition, we will be worthy of your trust.